I’m Toni. I’ve been writing professionally since 2013. After graduating with an MA in Financial Journalism from City, University of London in 2014, I’ve been writing about the UK tech scene and data analytics. I’ve been a freelance reporter, an in-house reporter and a senior features editor, writing features and some news with an emphasis on longer pieces.

Over the years, I’ve developed a knack for really understanding the essence of the person or organisation I am writing about. It comes down to being nosy and asking loads of questions.

Have a look at some of the pieces I wrote for TechCityinsider on my home page, and fill out the contact form if you want to read about the Colombian automotive and textile industries – I speak fluent Spanish.

I also do a bit of talking, discussion moderating and sitting on panels, that kind of thing. And on the side, I’ve started writing short stories.

Write on!

x. T.